Family Rules

1. Follow all official Argonath RPG rules.

2. Never loose your temper.

3. Be a mobster when you are with the family.

4. Always be a gentleman towards other players, regardless of what you think of them.

5. Respect the decisions and orders that are given to you by higher ranked mobsters.

6. Never talk behind the back of a fellow mobster.

7. Always support the family.

8. Always work together with the family.

9. Never kill a fellow Corleone mobster.

10. You are not allowed to join non tag-less groups.

11. Respect groups, families and gangs with neutral/allied ties at all times.

12. When you are going to be in-active for 7 days or more, please announce it on the Corleone topic.

Breaking these rules as a Corleone mobster will result in a warning, suspension and/or kick from the family.
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