Family Story

Liberty City, 1990 – Portland was under complete control by the Corleone family. They were fighting a bloody battle with the Yakuza mob in Staunten Island. Some months later the Triads began to spread over Chinatown and parts of Trenton, resulting in an all out war across Portland. The Corleone family retreated to Saint Marks to slow down the Triad onslaught. After a period of 2 months, the remaining family mobsters managed to get to St. Francais Intl. Airport to escape to the state of San Andreas. Others stayed to fight in the streets of Portland, and recreated the family as the Leones – led by former second in command Salvatore Leone.

San Andreas, 1991 - The ones who fled to San Andreas met up and began setting up the organisation. The Corleone family immediately declared peace with nearby families and gangs. Throughout some months, the family gained manpower and respect from all groups in the city of Los Santos.

After some time, the family managed to take over Mullholland. The situation in the city of Los Santos soon started to heat up. Families and gangs in the city started to slaughter eachother. The main reason of this was the so-called Mafia Latina. Many families and gangs had grudges with the doings of this mafia, and started to attack the Corleone Mafia under their name. The Corleone family didn’t take this kindly, and launched a counterattack on them. In response of this, the Mafia Latina attacked back which resulted in the final straw. The Mafia Latina was destroyed. It is still unknown who triggered these attacks.

Many nearby gangs and businesses finally saw and acknowledged the power of the Corleone family, and declared alliances with them. After this point, allot of small gangs started to emerge from the streets of Los Santos, which resulted in an increasing gang tension across the city. The Corleone family decided to be careful and started to deploy spies into other families and gangs for safety measures. One particular gang, the Grove Street family, uncovered one of these spies and declared an all out war on the Corleone family. Civilians were scattered all over the grounds and running for cover while the two exchanged fire for more than two hours. Peace has now been declared on the Grove Street family.

After this incident, more attacks were launched on the Corleone family and the family decided to retreat from the blood that scattered the streets of the god-forsaken city of Los Santos and moved to the city of San Fierro. They bought an entire country resort for themselves and started to continue their business there. After several months of ruling the city of San Fierro, their wealth and manpower gained with great numbers. They also received the news that the streets of Los Santos were nearly cleaned from all those small-time gangs. In response, the family decided to expand back to Los Santos and in addition Las Venturas. The family started to use Los Santos as their main recruiting resource, and moved their manpower over to the other cities.

Business went on as usual, and since then the Corleone family started to increase popularity all over the state of San Andreas. They had started successful gambling ventures in Las Venturas and had multiple protection rackets in San Fierro. All went well until allot of businesses in San Fierro moved to both Los Santos and Las Venturas, which disrupted the whole San Fierro economy. This lead to the decision of the family to move their San Fierro mobsters to Los Santos. Due to the increased manpower that was available in Los Santos, the family reached the top of the families in the whole state of San Andreas, which lead to a whole new era of power, wealth and wars…
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