Join The Family
To join the family, you must follow the following steps.

Step 1: If you are not yet registered on the official Argonath RPG forums, please register or login if you are not logged in yet. Please take into account that if you do have to register to the forums, you are relatively new to the community. We strongly advise you to gather some more experience with either the community, roleplay or both before you apply to the family.

Step 2: Please read the family rules.

Step 3: Please fill in the following form when you have succesfully registered and are logged in.
1. What is your in-game name?
2. What are your previous in-game names?
3. What will your in-game name be with the CorleoneT tag?
4. Why do you want to join the Corleone Mafia?
5. Do you have any RPG experience? If so, how long?
6. How long have you been playing on Argonath RPG?
7. How long and when are you usually online?
8. Have you ever been banned? If yes, for what reasons?
9. Do you have any previous group experiences? If yes, in which groups?
10. Do you have any specialities? Which?
11. What are you trying to achieve while being a Corleone mobster?
12. What is your character background/history?
13. Where did you hear about the Corleone Mafia?
14. Do you agree with following the family rules and orders from your superiors?
Step 4: Please keep monitoring the forum topic for the announcement whether you are accepted or denied. Thank you for applying.
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